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How To Show All Files On Mac or Directory In Finder?

Is there an equivalent to window’s *.* search in the Mac finder? Your video on Smart Folders shows how to do it for kind =“documents”
is this the same? I want to see *every* (non-hidden) file on my Mac or specific directory and all subfolders. Can this be done?

I simply want to (recursively) search for all files in a given directory & all subdirectories, so I can sort by size and possibly get rid of the largest unneeded ones.

Device: Mac Running Monterey

App: The Finder
Chuck Brotman

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    2 years ago

    That's pretty much what the Recents view in the Finder is. In fact, "Recents" used to be called "All Files." But it sorts by date, not size.

    You could also just search for something like size > 0 or date is > 1900, etc. Then sort as you like. Make it a Smart Folder (Saved Search) if you want.

    But if you are looking for a way to get rid of large files, then search for size > 10MB or something so you don't bother with a huge list, only the big files.

    Or, use the build in storage manager which will show you large files. See number 19 in this video:

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