Viewing by Groups in the Mac Finder

When viewing files in the Finder you can group the items in a folder by kind, size, date and more. How this works depends on which Finder view you choose. You can also sort the files inside each group.

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    Ken Nellis
    1 year ago

    Great! I *had* got "stuck" in group mode and hadnā€™t known how to return to what I wanted. Now, I know. Thanx!

    1 year ago

    Gary, somewhat there a way to force Finder to save a view? One of the first things I usually do when using Finder is to resize the column where files are listed, for example I double-click the resize handle so that the column width automatically resizes so I can read long file names. It would be handy to have this viewing preference saved. Thanks.

    1 year ago

    Nick: It remembers for each folder, but not the column widths. Those are dynamic.

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