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How To Switch Windows In the Current App?

I’m often working with a lot of windows open in one App, for example I use PowerPoint for Mac, but I havn’t found out how to switch between these windows with a keyboard shortcut, the only way for me to switch between the windows is to go to menubar/windows and then select the window I would like to get in front.In this way I need to grab the mouse og trackpad and if I have a lot of windows open, then it is difficult to select the right one every time.
On a windows it’s Alt+Tab, but Cmd+Tab on Mac only switch between Applications.
I have read some places that Command+` (AKA the ~ or tilde key) should work, but first of all I don’t have “tilde” button on my keyboard and it is not the button above Tab.
Anyone who knows a shortcut for this, which annoys me pretty much in my daily work.
Hope it make sense.
Pierre Nummelin

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    4 years ago

    Command+` is indeed the way to switch between apps. But you say it is not on your keyboard? Which keyboard do you have, specially?

    To find out which key to use on your keyboard, or to set this shortcut to something else, go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts. Then in the list on the left, click on "Keyboard." The shortcut is named "Move Focus To Next Window." What does it show there as the shortcut?

    If you don't like what it is set as, you can click on that setting and change it. Also, make sure the checkbox to the left of that shortcut is checked.

    Pierre Nummelin
    4 years ago

    Thank you very much Gary, now I found out, the shortcut is set to Command+<
    I appreciate the help.🙏

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