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How To Tweet Video In iOS 5?

Just discovered that, despite Twitter integration in iOS 5, there is no option to tweet video. Can anyone recommend a third-party app to do this?

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    11 years ago

    You can only tweet text. 140 characters.
    Now you may be thinking "but I can tweet pictures."
    Well, what you are actually doing is uploading a picture to a public picture sharing service, and then sending out a tweet with a link to that picture. I forget which service the Twitter app is using on the iPhone. I think you can configure it to use one of many.
    But videos are another matter. A picture is relatively small and I guess small startups don't mind storing your pictures for free. But video files are much much larger and usually require some conversion that is processor expensive.
    So there is no automatic way to do it. You'd have to upload the video first to a service of your choice (YouTube) and then tweet about it with a link to the video.

    11 years ago

    You can tweet videos from the native Twitter app on iOS 5. Click the camera icon and change the slider to choose video rather than pictures. You can change the video hosting service from within the app.

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