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I Can’t Find the Desktop Safari Tabs In iOS 13?

Hi Gary, I used to be able to find the open tabs from my desktop and Mac iOS 10.14 on the bottom of my iOS 12 tabs when opening tabs. It doesn’t seem to be there in iOS 13. Am I missing something?
Many thanks,
Peter K

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    4 years ago

    I don't think they will appear if you are using 10.14 on your Mac and iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad. You'll need to be either using 10.15 and iOS 13 or 10.14 and iOS 12. I don't think they are cross-compatible in how they share browser tabs via iCloud. At least that is my observation.

    Peter K
    4 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! You are correct I am using iOS 13 and macOS 10.14!

    4 years ago

    same, this functionality disappeared :(
    iMac on 10.13 and iOS 13
    it was functional under iOS 12 + 10.13 ! so it would have been nice to have it for iOS 13 + 10.14 at least.

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