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I Downloaded Catalina and Now I Lost My 32 Bit Flir Cloud Client App !!

What can I do to get my Flir/Lorex Cloud Client app to work? Should I take off the Catalina( 64 bit only) and put back on the Mojave on my MacBook air? I can longer view my security camera. Is there another notebook/ipad I can use that would allow 32bit apps? HELP

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    4 years ago

    Is it because that app is no longer supported by the company? Have you contacted them? Do they have an alternative, or are they just obsolete now?

    I wouldn't revert your entire system just so you can stick with some obsolete unsupported cameras. Seems pretty extreme to me. So would you just remain at Mojave for the rest of your life? Even if you want to do that, what happens when you get a new Mac one day? You won't be able to use that app anyway. Might as well move on now.

    But contact the developer. Maybe they have a simple update you need to get.

    4 years ago

    Flir was sold to Dahua, a Chinese technology co., they are in no rush to update their software to 64 bit. I spent a lot of money on a security system that I cannot watch on my computer, do you know of any tablets that will let me download this app?

    4 years ago

    Andrea: Sorry, I really don't know anything about that system or app. You'll need to get support from them, or perhaps there is an online community or expert in that system that can help. You can always buy an old used Mac (or maybe you have one already) and just set it up for this.

    Dr. Gary Thomas Scott
    4 years ago

    Like so many others I downloaded Catalina on my new iMac and now have lost my 32 Bit Flir Cloud Client App. I can access my cameras on my iPhone and iPad but would prefer to access them as I did before in my desktop.

    When can wed expect a 64 bit upgrade for Mac OS X? There are a lot of us waiting!

    Please advise...

    Thom Calabri
    4 years ago

    Have you heard any answers from FLIR & Lorex? Like you and others, I also can no longer view my cameras on my MacBook Pro, but can still see them on my iPhone. Will have to consider another system if no fix is forthcoming ...... thank you for sharing any intel you may have gotten.......Thom

    4 years ago

    Good news. I am running Catalina on an iMac and had lost access to the Flir Cloud Client. Lorex support sent me a new software SmartPSS which functions very well.

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