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Iblacklist equivalent in AppStore?

Gary, I jailbroke my phone and tried it for a week. Too many glitches in operation with sudden safe modes and half text in lock screen and general sluggishness. I’ve restored it now but the one solid advantage of jailbreaking is undoubtedly Iblacklist – blocking calls and smses from unwanted parties; a feature that pretty much anyone would love. Does Appstore offer any such app?
As an aside, would you recommend jailbreaking? Have you jailbroken your device?

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    10 years ago

    Apps don’t operate outside of themselves. So you can’t get an app that would reach over to the SMS app or the Phone app and modify how it works.
    So there is no way to do this.
    What should really happen is the carriers should offer this as an option. Log into your account and block numbers. It baffles me that they don’t. Especially for text messages since you pay for them per message.
    I have never jailbroken my iOS devices. It is an easy decision for me. Since I am a journalist covering iOS for the majority of iOS users, I need to keep my phone is a similar state to how the majority use it.
    Before there were apps, I could see the advantage to jail breaking. But now there are just small advantages, like this blocking function. And one big disadvantage –you usually can’t update to the newest version of iOS when it is released.

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