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iCloud Backup Of Different Desktops On Different Macs

If I engage Desktop & Documents to iCloud on my Mac at home and on my Mac at school, will those folders appear as different sets on the iCloud Drive or will they appear also just on folder?

What if I use spaces to create several different desktops one each Different Mac? What will happen the?

Bill braun

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    6 years ago

    They will be just one folder. Make a change in one, it reflects in the other. Think of it as a single "location" -- AKA "the cloud."
    The "Desktop" is just a folder of files. Don't confuse it with the arrangement of windows on your screen. The files on each are the same. It is the files that sync into iCloud, not the arrangements of apps and windows. If you open Pages on one Mac, it doesn't open in the other.

    bill braun
    6 years ago

    If there is just one folder - one desktop on iCloud - how will I know which one is from my home Mac and which one is from my office mac? Will it merge the two desktop or documents folders into one single Desktop/Documents folder in iCloud?

    6 years ago

    Bill: From
    "In Finder, your Desktop and Documents folders move out of Favorites and into the iCloud section of your sidebar. If you add a second Mac Desktop, you'll find those files in the Desktop folder in iCloud Drive. A folder is created with the same name as your second Mac."

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