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I use my iDisk as a folder to keep my files i.e. I only have one copy of a file. After changing a file frpm jpg to pdf, I saved it (on the iDisk folder), but discovered 10 minutes later that this was a mistake. As I had ‘automatic’ syncing on, is there some way of getting an ‘older’ copy off MobileMe?

Time machine doesn’t do the trick, either.

Thank you

— Anton Cronj√©

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    3/10/10 @ 9:10 am

    There isn’t a way to get an older copy from MobileMe, as far as I know.
    It isn’t a good idea to keep your only copy of a file on your iDisk (I guess you know that now :)
    So, what do you mean that you changed the file from a jpg to PDF? Dod you just change the file extension? Or, did you change the file format in whatever program you were using?

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