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iMac won’t sleep

Just this past week, my iMac quit going to sleep along with the display. I checked the energy saver settings and they are the same as they have been (the default settings), I haven’t added any hardware or software, so what else should I check to fix this problem?
It will go to sleep if I manually put it to sleep, it just won’t do it automatically.
Thanks, Tom

— Tom

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    10 years ago

    All sorts of things can keep your Mac from sleeping:
    — Background tasks running
    — Applications insisting that your Mac stay awake
    — USB devices connected to your Mac insisting that it stay awake
    — Printing tasks hung up, or print drives keeping your Mac awake
    — etc.
    You can use Activity Monitor to see what is running
    You need to be a detective and figure out what it could be
    Also, see this Apple note:

    10 years ago


    Over the nearly 6 years that I’ve owned my iMac G5 I’ve had “sleep” issues on and off. It’s difficult to know when you have it solved, in my experience. I can report that it’s been going to sleep as it should ever since I 1. off-loaded the itunes library and other large HD space consumers to an external Firewire drive so that my internal drive is less than half full, and 2. left the USB hub disconnected except when required. My gut feeling is that cleaning up the HD was the trick. That’s after looking into all the other things in the link Gary provided without permanent success.


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