Forum Question: iMac/i7 Internet Sharing to Android Phone

Does anyone have a problem with connecting their mobile phone regarding the password dropping after adding the CORRECT password?
I was using a Belkin router, but it died and waiting for my replacement. As I am waiting for my replacement, I am using the Internet Sharing under Sharing prefs. It is working and my MacPro and iPod Touch recognize my internet from my iMac/i7. However, when my friend came over with her mobile phone (I think it’s Android), it can see my iMac’s network name… When I gave her my password, it acted it was going to connect, but it dropped.
Any suggestion? I’m using the WEP 40 bits.

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    2/15/11 @ 1:24 pm

    Try switching to WPA2 instead of WEP. I’ll bet her phone doesn’t support WEP in some way.
    Internet Sharing from an iMac works, but it is much weaker than a regular connection, I find.

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