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iMac/iPad redundant storage???

Thanks for your wonderful presentation and goodies.
New iPad question.
I was cleaning out my desktop and found the folder Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications, 3.23 GB in size.
It contains not only all the applications on my iPad but it looks like it has all their first previous versions and sometimes more. Some of these are quite large. One is over 500 MB.
What are your thoughts in removeing these? Any risks in just deleting them?
Robert Poland

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    10 years ago

    I’d only delete them if you are absolutely sure you don’t need those and you really need the space.
    Hard drive space is cheap. The newer Macs have 500GB or even a 1TB drive in them. For a 500GB drive, a 500MB file is only about 0.1% of your space.
    As for whether you need those, it is hard to say. I only see 1 or 2 copies of each app in my folder, and in some cases I’m sure there have been dozens of versions over time. So it is keeping maybe the most recent 2? Or maybe there is another reason to keep one extra. I’m not sure, exactly, so I’m not deleting them myself.
    I wonder which app is 500MB? Most of mine are 10MB or much less. I see one game that is 700MB, but that’s an unusual one.

    Robert Poland
    10 years ago

    Here are some of the largest;
    Tutor for iPad 1 1.ipa – 821.3 MB
    Tutor HD for Numbers 1 1.ipa – 182.8 MB
    Dictionary 1295.ipa – 126.8 MB
    Numbers 1.3.1 1.ipa – 112.7 MB
    Keynote 1.3.2 1.ipa – 82.8 MB

    Tutor, is an excellent in expensive tutorial from NOTEBOOM PRODUCTIONS.

      10 years ago

      So it looks like that Tutor app just contains a bunch of video content. That’s why it is so big.
      You can always delete that file and see if it affects anything. If it does, you can re-download the app from the store.

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