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In Monterey How Do I Assign Apps To Desktops?

Did we lose the ability to assign an app to a specific desktop in Monterey? When I control click on an app in the dock I have just 3 choices — Keep in Dock; Open at Login; Show in Finder. Or, am I missing something?

I am using desktops to manage how I work with the apps I use most each day. Each of these displays in a full size desktop or space and I keep those desktops in a specified order or sequence. I want everything else to open in a separate space or desktop and not in a full size window.
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    2 years ago

    Perhaps you only have one Desktop? You only get those three options, and not the Assign options, if you only have one Desktop. In that case, there are no choices to make as there is no other Desktop.

    Remember that Spaces can be Desktops or Full Screen app windows (or Split View spaces too). So you may have several Spaces when you go to Mission Control, but only one Desktop Space. Maybe the rest for you are Full Screen apps. That's the most common reason why you would not see Assign options.

    So go to Mission Control and make sure you add another Desktop before trying to Assign an app in the Dock.

    Art Sponseller
    2 years ago

    WOOHOO! That was it - multiple desktops. Now working as I hoped. Thank you. Art

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