Forum Question: Inserting video from Flip video camera into IWeb

I am trying to use a video from a Flip video camera in IWEB. It works fine until the website is published. Once published the video isn’t there. In it’s place, is a Quicktime logo with a question mark. Any thoughts on how to get this to work. I’ve used videos from our Nikon digital camera and they work great.
Joyce Wells

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    2/17/11 @ 3:56 pm

    I’d convert the video first. Convert it using QuickTime X into a more standard format. Then use that file inside of iWeb.

    2/17/11 @ 5:05 pm

    When you say works fine you mean you can play back on your mac? What format is the flip video in? Also if I am not wrong those flip video record in HD and depending on length of video those file sizes can be quite large especially fir rendering in a browser. Not that they won’t play in browser but the person trying to view will have to download that huge file. Like Gary said you can open with QuickTime X and “save as” a smaller file. QuickTime X will give you choices to pick from or you can custom.

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