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iPad2 & iPhone stolen – is a mobile me wipe enough?

My iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 were stolen from my home this week. I’ve notified my phone network and sent the mobileme “wipe data” command to both and registered the phone’s detail with the police. Both devices had the standard 4 digit passcode. Is there anything else I can or should do?
Peter Brett

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    10 years ago

    Yes. You should change all of your passwords.
    Chances are that the wipes were enough and no one has stolen your passwords or gotten into your accounts. But don’t risk it. Changing passwords is something you should do on a regular basis anyway.
    Remember: email accounts, MobileMe, PayPal, Amazon, banking sites, etc.
    Also change your backup passwords (Question and Answers and such) for accounts that have those.
    And check over each account to make sure nothing has been changed.
    See for tips on how to create strong passwords.

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