Forum Question: iPhone 5 release date?

There has been lots of rumours floating around regarding the release date of the iphone 5? I am currently a blackberry user and considering switching over to the apple world.
But when I review the apple web site and even walked into a store nobody knows nothing about the iphone 5, product knowledge or even a release date
Can you please provide me with details on the phone so that I can compare it to the iphone4 and a release date in canada.

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    8/23/11 @ 9:23 am

    All we have are rumors. Apple isn’t going to say anything official about rumors. They will announce the new iPhone when they are ready, but until then don’t expect them to say anything about it.
    Here are some links for you.
    I link to all of the rumor articles that I find interesting here:
    Here are two videos about how to interpret Apple rumors:

    9/7/11 @ 8:41 pm

    The rumor concerning the release of the iPhone 5 has peaked with recent reports indicating that the Apple will release this phone on September 7th.

      9/7/11 @ 9:01 pm

      If you read the article, you can see that the date is a “guess” based on pure speculation. History is always a better predictor than rumor sites. See episode 577.
      As the article states, Apple always releases new iPods on that week. Probably the same this time. The idea that they need a new iPhone or iPad to come out at the same time as iOS 5 is just an idea. History doesn’t support that either as some major updates have been timed differently. And I seriously doubt we will get a new iPad so soon as the last was only 6 months ago.

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