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Well everytime i put in a memory card iphoto opens up and im trying to have itunes open instead to take the video off of the memory card automaticly . any one know how to do this ?
Thanks in advance

— bryan bon

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    7/1/10 @ 11:00 am

    Insert/connect the memory card into your Mac. Then run the Image Capture application. Select the memory card on the left. At the bottom left corner you should see some information about the card. If not, you may need to click the little boxed arrow down there to view the info.
    The first item is “Connecting this camera…” and you can select an application there.
    However, if your goal is to open iTunes and import the video into iTunes, then that won’t work. iPhoto is the application used to import and organize photos and video you take yourself. There is no way for iTunes to import video from a camera or card.
    Any reason why would you want your video in iTunes instead of iPhoto?

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