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iPhoto and Western Digital Sharespace NAS

I got a WD Sharepace NAS and it is formatted in their proprietary SAMBA file structure, which they said will work with a MAC just fine, but iPhoto keeps giving me an “X” when I double click on a photo. I can see the events, see all the thumbnails in any specific event, but when I go to double click the photo to view it, I get a big “X”. Also, iPhoto is INCREDIBLY SLOW AND UNRESPONSIVE. In fact, my entire Mac slows down. Do I need to reformat the drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)? By the way, I have a Mac Mini, 1.83 GHz, 1 GB Memory, and am running Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

— Ian Cooke

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    15 years ago

    Have you contacted WD's support about it? They would be the people to ask. I don't own that product myself, so I can't be of much help.

    Ian Cooke
    15 years ago

    Yes, they had me send them my information log about my Mac Mini and told me that they tested it with their engineers and it works with Mac and iPhoto 09. They had me rebuild the twonky database, but it didn't seem to help. Is there a setting on my Mac that I missed or a router setting that needs to be changed on my Mac end?

      15 years ago

      Impossible for me to say as I don't use that product. I'd keep following up with WD about it. If they don't, return it and get a product that will work.

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