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Is “Classic” Mail Still Viable?

I prefer Classic View in the Apple Mail app without a preview showing at the bottom. Mail will often show a list of new emails but when I click on one to open it, there is no content. I quit the Mail app and reopen and the content is there to see. Just updated to 10.11.3 and it is still happening. I use a .me account and the mail content shows up on my iPad, no problem. 27″ iMac, late 2009.

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    4 years ago

    If it is still in the Preferences, then it should still work. But it sounds like it may be getting less attention.
    My advice is to switch away from the Classic View. It doesn’t really make much of a difference besides where the things are. And I’m sure there are things in the regular view that no longer have equivalents, like swiping left and right to get shortcuts to things like archiving and deleting.
    I know sometimes we don’t like change. But this change should’t be that bad. I just switched back and forth to see and the Classic View now looks so antiquated to me.

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