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Is It Possible To Use a Dial-up Modem W/MBP?

Is it possible to connect a dial-up modem (an external modem I would assume) to a MacBook Pro to dial into a data base server? I’m not sure if this even possible but curious to know if it is.
Thank you.
Bob P.

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    12 years ago

    It is possible to use a modem with your Mac.
    Macs (and most PCs) don't come with dial-up modems anymore. But you can get a cheap USB modem that connects to your Mac. Search on Amazon or some other large retail site for "usb modem mac" and you can see a few appear.

    Richard George
    12 years ago

    Apple used to produce their own USB modem, but it was discontinued a while back and the drivers were removed in Lion. (They do still sell a USB ethernet converter for the Airs which causes some confusion by looking identical to their old USB modem).

    I'm told that almost any non-apple USB modem will work(!), but I've not tested this.

      Michael Wheless
      12 years ago

      I use a MBP in the Philippines with an external (USB) modem. It works OK. These are sold as a package with so many minutes of internet access. In effect, prepaid. They are quite dependent on having a good signal. One of them (there are competing phone companies) requires the SIM to be removed from the device to reload minutes of use. A standard cellphone is used to reload the units and then returned to the device. The devices are quite useful when wifi is not available. However, the Sim will lose the load of prepaid minutes unless it is used within a fixed period. Reloading becomes a necessity.

        12 years ago

        Michael -- a miscommunication there. Bob is asking about dial-up modems and you are talking about wireless network devices.

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