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Is There a JavaScript User Manual for Numbers?

After viewing some of your tutorials about the use of Javascript in macOS, I’ve been trying to build my first script for automating the use of Numbers spreadsheets. I already have a fair expertise in programming in VBA and (less so) in Applescript. Unfortunately I have encountered many difficulties in finding a good source of reference from which to learn JS syntax. For example, what’s the correct instruction for sorting a table range? Many thanks for your help. Massimo

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    2 years ago

    The only reference is in the Script Editor app. Just bring up the Library window, switch it to JavaScript from AppleScript, and you have a complete reference. However, though complete, it is lacking in details. But at least knowing what different properties are called will allow you to then search the web for examples. I usually start searches with “JavaScript JXA Mac” and then whatever I am looking for. I find people post example code at GitHub and the like and I scour those for what I need.

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