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Is There a Replacement Solution for iTunes and IBooks for Catalina?

I have audiobooks from a number of sources, some audible, others from other sites.
I used to have them all in iTunes and keep the unread ones in a playlist that I used to sync to iBooks so I could listen on the move, especially on planes, so keeping them in the cloud is not an option.

The new method for syncing audiobooks via Finder does not allow syncing of playlists for audiobooks and selecting the ones I want out of hundreds, when it also does not allow you to sort the list, is tedious to the extreme.

So I am looking for a replacement solution, Mac app for managing the library of books and an iPhone app for listening on the move.

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    2 years ago

    Well, for Audible, you should definitely just get the Audible app. That’s what I use. You can log in and see your whole library and pick which ones are downloaded on your phone at any moment. Plus the app has great listening features like speed, sleep, notes, etc.

    As far as the Books app is concerned, if you use iCloud it is pretty straightforward. You’ll see all of your audiobooks and playlists on your iPhone and can select any you want to download so it is available for offline listening. You don’t need to use the Finder at all to sync.

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary
    sorry but that has not answered my question. I do not want to keep my books in iCloud as when I am travelling I need them on my phone. I also do not have unlimited downloads so constant use of iCloud uses my monthly allocation. So it looks like that there is no single solution for all my books?
    Regards Julie

    2 years ago

    Julie: If you use iCloud for Books you can download any audiobook you want to your iPhone. You’ll see all of them there, and playlists, and can tap any book to download it so you can listen offline. If you do this while at home, it would happen over Wi-Fi and not use your mobile data plan. So it is very similar to syncing over a cable: you would load up the books you want while at home. Do it for all the books you may need.

    Plus, if you are desperate to download a book you forgot while out, you can do it. Mobile or using work or some other Wi-Fi. You wouldn’t have that option at all with a cable sync.

    2 years ago

    THE QUESTION STILL NEEDS AN ANSWER. I use iTunes archiving, managing, cataloging my movies and tv shows which iTunes is great for (both purchased and manually downloaded). TV+ is for purchased at iTunes only. I would have to rebuy my movies and TV shows on iTunes

    2 years ago

    Larry: It is not correct that the TV app is just for purchased movies only. You can store your videos in there too. Try it with one and see.

    2 years ago

    I do not believe Apple is interested in fixing this boondoggle. They have already had plenty of time to do so, but after reviewing the myriad of complaints on their website I’ve seen no positive comments from moderators or tech staff.
    An app that ‘sort of’ helps is Book Mower. You can copy audiobooks to the cloud storage of your choice and open them on your iPhone with Book Mower. It’s only a little tedious. After import you can delete the books from your cloud drive to recover space.

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