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Is There a Way In iPhoto To Create a Panorama Smart Album?

I have an iPhone 5 and take a lot of photos with it. I have been extracting my panorama photos into an iPhoto album, but I was wondering if I could do it somehow with a smart album?

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    7 years ago

    Good question. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.
    I looked at all of the criteria that you can use to create a smart album, and none of them are unique to panoramas. It would be nice to have ratio or width criteria, as those would quickly identify the wide photos.
    So your only choice is to manually do it. You could either create a regular album and add panoramas to it. Or, tag each panorama with a keyword (“pano” or something) and then create a smart album from that keyword match.
    Not ideal, but doable.

    7 years ago

    A photo is a *photo*. I understand “smart albums,” but don’t really understand the question – unlike Gary. Panoramic means nothing to the software.

      7 years ago

      George simply wants to be able to look at a list of all of his panoramic photos.

    7 years ago

    From looking at my own files, it looks like most panos (from the built-in camera app, anyway) have a height in the 2300 px range, where standard images are above 2400 px in at least one dimension. The problem is iPhoto doesn’t allow you to create a smart album using image dimensions.

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