Forum Question: Is There an Alternative To Stickies (Mac App)?

For macOS, is there anything like Stickies that sync with iCloud? I can’t find anything, but maybe there is something out there? I appreciate your help.
Juan Carlos

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    8/5/18 @ 11:17 pm

    Yes. Notes. Notes is the app that lets you save any text, and lots of other things, and makes them available on all your devices via iCloud.

    The only thing Stickies does that Notes does not is to have a position on the screen for each note. But that doesn’t make sense in the context of a cloud app, as positions wouldn’t be the same on another Mac with a different screen. Plus, on the iPad, iPhone and on the web, screen positions wouldn’t make sense at all.

    Notes also has many other advantages to Stickies: available on iPhone and iPad, images, documents, links, map links, checklists, locked notes, etc.

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