9 Alternative Ways To Use the Safari Smart Search Field

You can use the field at the top of the Safari window to do more than just type a website address or start a web search. You can also use it to search your bookmarks or history, switch to tabs and more.

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    1 year ago

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for all the tips you provide. One thing you did not include in your Safari search tips is that you can have it search a particular site by using, for example, “smart search field site:macmost.com”. This will search for “smart search field” only on your site. The search “wombat site:.au” will search for “wombat” but only on sites which include “.au” in the URL. Regards, Tim

    1 year ago

    Tim: Yes, I'm mentioned that in other videos but I left it out here because it isn't a function of the Smart Search Field, but just Google itself. For instance, you can use it at the Google home page. See https://macmost.com/17-google-search-techniques-you-need-to-master.html

    John MacKenzie
    1 year ago

    Another handy video. Thanks Gary.

    7 months ago

    Hi Gary
    My question pertains to searching in Safari - specifically searching for bookmark ...folder ...names.
    I tried for an hour or so, ended up finding other people with the same dead end. All my bookmarks, which I use as brain prompts when I'm inspired to dive in on a topic, are in folders nested in other folders that mimic my filing structure.
    (on monterey)
    Thanks for your help. I haven't watched everything yet!

    7 months ago

    Nancy: Are you saying you are searching for folder names, not the names of bookmarks? I don't think those come up when you search bookmarks.

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