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Is There an Application for Mac Similar To “Ditto” for Windows?

The application “Ditto” keeps a record of copies to the Clipboard. This means you can retrieve, and paste again, items which have been copied to the Clipboard and then replaced by subsequent copying to the Clipboard.
John Smith

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    2 years ago

    Yes, there are many great apps, some free, that add a “Clipboard Manager” to macOS. I have used many of these, from the simple and free JumpCut (now Flycut) to ClipMenu and now CloudClip.

    Search the Mac App Store for “Clipboard manager” and many results will come up. Pick one that has the features you want.

    I did a video on some of them a while back: Clipboard History Managers .

    Smith John
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Gary, I have installed Flycut and will see how it goes.

    Aaron Enfield
    2 years ago

    My favorite is Copy’em Paste. It costs but is well worth it. It saves anything you copy and allows you to search them through history. I don’t have a limit on the # of snippets saved, and it hasn’t effected my CPU to keep running. I believe I have about 17k snippets so far. Oh, and dev was very responsive.

    Tom Abbott
    2 years ago

    Are there any clipboard manager apps that are cross-platform? My work laptop is Windows and it would be pretty cool to have access to my Windows clippings on my Mac and vice-versa.

    2 years ago

    Tom: I don’t know of any, sorry. Just being able to have a “cloud” clipboard is somewhat new, and that would just be between devices in the same ecosystem.

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