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Issue with preview

I use my mac book pro every day in work and at university. But i sometimes have problems with some pdf files.
some scripts from my teachers contain formulas and equations and some of them are not shown correctly. either some of the signs (like greek letters for eyample) are shown as a “black” spot or the signs is just missing.
when i open those files with adobe acrobat reader it it shown properly. I rather use preview than the reader from adobe.
can you help me please

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    10 years ago

    If the PDF displays correctly in Reader, but not Preview, then there’s nothing to it but to open it in Reader. Preview does a great job with standard PDFs. But it looks like your teachers are using special features that only work with Reader.
    What’s wrong with using Adobe Reader for this? The only problem I have with it is that it takes a bit longer to launch. But other than that PDFs were developed by Adobe and the Adobe Reader is the ultimate viewer of PDFs, so don’t be afraid to use it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Preview — it does a lot more than just let you view PDFs. But if the solution is simply to use Adobe Reader for these files, it is a pretty simple and easy solution.

      Anil Ramalingam
      10 years ago

      hi Gary,

      it’s just MORE comfortable to use preview than the reader(i just like it and don’t want to have two pieces of software running which do the same thing – annoying ). preview works faster (in my personal thinking).
      I thought there is something like a plugin or addin or whatever to solve this problem.
      Anyway, my teacher told me once, he uses microsoft formula editor. Then i asked him to give me the original .ppt file. First I imported the file, afterwards exported the document using my own mac. -> no more issue.

      BUT we are in the year 2011, i thought todays technology is capable of using a document standard like pdf :-)
      in my opinion it is a little bit sad that mac users, according to handling documents, are still in “disadvantage”, not much but in my experience it is.

      Unless there is no solution, i have to use adobe. THANK YOU for your help!
      please keep your video tutorials up.


        10 years ago

        I disagree with you that Mac users are at a disadvantage here. To view this file you need to have Adobe Reader whether you are on Windows or Mac. They are the same. On Mac you can view most PDFs without Adobe Reader, just not in some cases. So there is actually an advantage for Mac users, not a disadvantage.

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