Forum Question: iTunes Match Erased Some Album Artwork

Recently I upgrade my iPod touch to 5.01 and iTunes match and it erase nearly a half of my album artworks, all my albums have artworks before I upgrade to 5.01 and iTunes match.. I checked my iPhone to and many of the artworks are gone.. what I suppose to do with this issue.???
Hector Alicea

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    12/1/11 @ 7:52 am

    First, how did the artwork get there originally? It could be from iTunes if you purchased the music in iTunes. Or, you could have let iTunes search for and find the artwork. Or, you could have manually put the artwork there yourself.
    If one of the first two, have you tried the Advanced, Get Album Artwork menu to see if it fixes it?
    And if the third, have you tried to add back at least one of the album artwork images to see if it remains after you sync with iCloud?

      Hector Alicea
      12/1/11 @ 3:01 pm

      I have both, artworks from music that I buy from iTunes and artworks that I added manually, yes I try advanced to find artworks but it does not work… the issue is with iTunes match because I erase all my iPod content and turn off iTunes match and sync as a new iPod and all the artworks appear again…and then I turn on iTunes match again and sync my iPod and the artworks disappear again…I have the same issue in my phone 4..

    Bob P.
    12/1/11 @ 8:34 am

    I had the exact same problem happen to me a few weeks ago when I updated my iPod Touch 5th generation. I lost artwork on, approximately, 1/3 of my songs. All the songs were purchased from iTunes. I’ll try the things you suggest, Gary. Thanks!

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