Forum Question: Loading videos onto iPad w/camera conn kit

Hi. Video (mp4) files refuse to transfer from my Sony digital camera to my iPad, using Apple’s camera connection kit, either via usb or card. I’m able to do it in a round-about way by dropping into iTunes, then synching. But I wanted an easier and more direct way to do it (one of the reasons I bought the camera kit) so that I wouldn’t need to haul my MacBook Pro with me when I go on vacation. Does anyone know of a way I can transfer video files directly from a digital camera to the iPad using Apple’s camera connection kit? Thanks. Jay

— Jay

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    6/2/10 @ 2:44 pm

    Is it that they don’t transfer, or that they don’t play? The iPad only plays videos of certain formats. The camera connection kit will transfer videos from a camera to the iPad, but it can only play those videos if they are of a supported format. Otherwise, they sit there as unplayable files that will transfer to your Mac when you next sync.
    Is that the case?
    If not, in what way do the files “refuse to transfer” — error message, something else?
    What format are the files?

      6/2/10 @ 6:31 pm

      Hi Gary. As soon as I insert the sd card with the photos and videos taken on the digital camera into the dock on the iPad the Photos app opens and the photos get transferred. But there’s no sign of the video files. No error message. Nothing. They weren’t in either the Videos folder or the Photos folder. The files have the extension .mp. This is what Sony’s tech support had to say when I emailed them with this problem: “Also I suggest that you contact the Apple Support Team regarding the file format playable in the iPad. Since the Camera records the video in the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format.” Thanks for replying. Jay.

        6/3/10 @ 8:47 am

        If the file extension is really “mp” (not mp4?) then that would explain it. The iPad doesn’t see those files as video files and so it doesn’t import them. I’d contact Apple and report it as a bug. Be sure to specify the exact make and model of your camera and exactly what is happening.

          6/3/10 @ 12:53 pm

          I meant “mp4.” I’ll call Apple tech support again. Maybe I’ll get someone this time who hopefully will be more knowledgeable. Thanks for your help, Gary. And I very much enjoy and appreciate your podcasts! Jay.

    Alex D
    7/19/10 @ 11:13 am

    Im trying to find any information on what video hd cameras would work for direct transfer to ipad. I know that flip ultra doesnt work ( its just transfer the file without playback). Could anybody tell me what hd video cam will work with ipad ( for playback) pls!!!

    12/30/10 @ 8:57 am

    I have the same problem with both of my sony camera, one is a nex 3 the other a dsc tx5. When I transfer from a panasonic dmc tz5, no problem the ipad stores them and play them perfectly…I bet the new Ipad will handle, just to make sure that apple get’s more money out of us!

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