Forum Question: Mac Malware or ProtectMac

so i just watched the news and they said there is Malware for the mac disguising itself as virus protection. A while back i splurged on “ProtectMac” but all it seems to do is slow stuff down. Is this ProtectMac just another version of the “MacShield” malware, repacked and renamed?

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    6/21/11 @ 11:01 am

    That’s old news. The latest version of Snow Leopard protects against that malware that was mention. It was pretty harmless malware anyway, more of a scam to trick you into giving your credit card number, like many phishing sites do.
    I’m sure ProtectMac is legitimate software. The Mac Defender malware that was mentioned isn’t real and doesn’t have a real site or business presence.
    But whether you need it or not is another matter.

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