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Mac Memory Management Issues

So I have come across many answers on the internet saying that Mac does an excellent job at managing memory usage, but I have found out that this is not the case with my Mac. Many times, my computer freezes and requires a hard shut down when I am using Itunes and Safari because my Mac has much too memory locked up as inactive.
After using an application called iFreeMem, which better regulated the use of my memory, these problems went away. I am wondering if there is a terminal command I can use to alter the memory management myself or if there is a similar free program I can use which will also get the job done.
Richard Aguirre

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    10 years ago

    I don’t think this is a memory problem. If it shows that you have memory “inactive” then you have enough memory. Your freezes could have been caused by any number of problems, but I don’t see why memory would be the cause.
    I’m not sure why using that program helped. I doubt it does anything that isn’t handled by Snow Leopard already.
    I would start to investigate other causes of the problems if they happen again.

    10 years ago

    Sometimes a simple restart will bring things back to normal. Also run “disk permissions” in disk utility. It is a good practice. Also I like using AppleJack. Easy to use and very useful.

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