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Macbook pro DVI-HDMI to a non Apple monitor

I have a non unibody 2008 2.5 Gig Macbook pro 15 “”. I would like to connect it to Hannspree 237 monitor using it HDMI instead of VGA . 1n 1080p the monitor’s colors are way off. I have tried the tricks I know and still can not seam to get it right. Please held….

— Beau

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    10 years ago

    What are you using to convert from DVI to HDMI? It could simply be a converter that isn’t working properly.

    Beau Diehl
    10 years ago

    To convert from DVI to HDMI I’m using a Monster DVI-male HDMI-female junction attached to the DVI out on my macbook pro. The video connection appears to be fine. The provided display calibration soft ware from Apple seems to be the week link. Any suggestions to calibrate, or just max on my own the color quality; for as less “$” as posable

    Thank You

      10 years ago

      I’m not convinced it isn’t the cable. There can be a lot of variety in these kinds of cables. If the colors are way off, then the cable could simply not be translating the DVI to HDMI correctly. I don’t think calibration will fix it.
      Of course, it may be that no simple cable will do this. I just got a Matrox MX02 mini video card and one of the things it does is to output HDMI from a Mac Pro (or MacBook Pro). If this could be done with a simple cable, I don’t know why they would tout that as a feature.

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