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Microphone With an iPhone

I want to utilize the Voice Mem app with my iPhone to record audio for later transfer and use in iMovie. The mic on the iPhone just doesn’t have the quality I’d like. Any suggestions on a mic?
Pat O’Donnell

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    11 years ago

    Depends on what type of mic.
    If you want to use something that connects to your headphone jack, then you are very limited. The official earbuds work, of course. And I like the quality. But if you don't, then there are a handful of other earphones that have a mic on them that you can try. And a few devices that are microphones meant to extend to headphones, like this one:
    Now you can also get a microphone that plugs into the dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone. And stand-alone mics that plug into the headphone connector too. Search Amazon for "iphone microphone" and a lot comes up. But I haven't tried any of them so I can't say which is better.

      11 years ago

      I'm an audio engineer and I've done some experimenting with producing quality recording with my iPhone. Here's my suggestions.
      First, don't use the memo app. Pick up the app "FiRe 2" ( It's far more versatility than the memo app with features like fade ins & outs, gain change, normalize, loop playback, EQ and more.
      Second, you need a good dynamic microphone (dynamic means it doesn't need external power to boost the signal). You can get a good vocal mic for $100 (Sure SM58) and the same price for a good instrument mic (Sure SM57) or shotgun mic (though shotgun mics for your iPhone will probably require external battery power).
      Third, you'll need a cable that can connect your iPhone to the XLR connector thats on your microphone. If you're the do-it-yourself type, you can make one for about $10 ( or you can buy it for about $30 ( With this cable you get the XLR to iPhone connection and a connection for your headphones so you can monitor your recordings on the fly.

      Those are my recommendation. Hope they were helpful.


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