Forum Question: Missing Screen Capture Images

I took a screen capture using shift command 4. I also did it again using shift control command 4. It took the image but I don’t know were it saved it. From my understanding it was suppose to save it to a clipboard, but I don’t know where this clipboard is. I was wondering were these screen images are located.

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    12/14/10 @ 6:08 pm

    The clipboard is the place that things that you “copy” and “cut” go. When you select and then “copy” text — it goes to the clipboard. “Paste” will then insert the contents of the clipboard.
    So if you take a screen capture using the clipboard, it is like copying that part of the screen. Your next step would be to go into a graphics program and then “paste” it in. You can also paste image content into other programs — like word processors, etc.

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