Forum Question: Move older podcasts to new location?

Gary, odd request: I’d like to move some older, informational podcasts to a networked drive, but still be able to play them in my itunes. Know of an efficient way to do this without confusing iTunes?

I know that a lot of podcasts are available on the original website and I could delete the original once I’ve listened to it. But, then I’d have to bookmark it, locate only the ones that have the information I want, etc…

— Michelle

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    11/17/09 @ 11:18 am

    You could just put them in a separate iTunes library, located on a networked drive. Or, locate the .mp3 files in your iTunes library, move them elsewhere, and then add them back in as regular music files.
    You could always just leave them out of iTunes completely. You can still play them back in iTunes with a drag-and-drop if that is your preferred player.

    11/17/09 @ 2:24 pm

    You can have separate iTunes libraries on the same machine?

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