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My Best Bet for Picture Back Up?

What would be the best way to have a Hard copy of all my Pictures in my hand. I currently use iCloud and have a backup on a time machine
But I also want something that I can have on a photo stick of some kind
what would be my best option.
App: Photos
Joe S

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    2 years ago

    If you are using the Photos app and the Photos library, then it is relatively easy to make a copy. First, make sure in Photos, Preferences, iCloud you have "Download Originals To This Mac" turned on. Leave it there. If you just switched it on, give it some time to download everything. Unfortunately, if you don't have enough space on your local drive to hold everything, then this isn't an option and there's no good way to back up your Photos library other than knowing it is also stored in iCloud.

    With "Download Originals To This Mac" turned on, then all of your photos are in your Photos library. It is probably in your Pictures folder. Check in Photos, Preferences, General for Library Location.

    Then just drag and drop that file in the Finder to your USB flash drive or any external drive. That will make a copy of it there.

    When you want to update that copy, drag it again and replace the old one. You can do that on a regular basis, or after you add a lot of photos, like after an event or trip or something.

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