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My imovie makes 1 sec thumbnails when i capture video footage

I jus copies a vhs tape over to a mini dv tape so i could capture it on my imovie software.
When i go to cature the footage it records in 1 second chunks
and a menu comes up saying its making thumbnais.
Why is this happening and how do i correct it to capture my 1/2 hr dv movie?
peter Lelievre

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    10 years ago

    It sounds like it thinks there is a new “clip” every second. When you go to import, do you have the option to break into clips or not? I don’t have a Mini DV easily accessible to try it, so I can’t see what options you have when importing.
    Perhaps it is something in the way you are transferring from VHS to Mini DV? Or something with your Mini DV?
    Very hard to say. You’ve just got to try different things to see if you can get a different result.

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