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Network Drive Backup

Wondering if it is possible to backup both a MBP and a Windows base Machine to the same network connected hard drive? I have a 2 TB network connected hard drive that I would like to backup both Machines. I’ve partitioned the drive to make two drives for the process; the windows portion is backing up okay, but I can’t seem to get the MBP to do the same. Is there some special formula for doing this, or can it even be done?
Thank you sir!
George Kahler

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    7 years ago

    The best way to back up a Mac is to use Time Machine. But to use Time Machine you need to use a partition that is formatted for Time Machine (Mac OS X Extended format). I’m guessing that the drive system you are using is not. You could probably do it by formatting the drive with your Mac, establishing the two partitions, one for Mac and one for Windows. Then getting the Mac Time Machine backup going first. Then use the other partition for Windows backups. But I’ve never tried this, of course, so I can’t say how easy it would be to get going.

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