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New iLife updates, new policy?

I see this morning that there are updates to Apple GarageBand – 6.0.4, Apple iMovie – 9.0.4 and Apple iPhoto – 9.1.5
All apparently are available only via the App Store at $14.99 each.
Normally updates are free, what’s up?
Robert Poland

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    10 years ago

    Where do you see that? The Apple news sites are just waking up to this — most haven’t mentioned it yet. But those that do say the updates are available through Software Update and the Mac App Store. That makes sense. If you purchased iLife (the box set) then you would get the updates via Software Update. But apps purchased through the Mac App Store are updated by the Mac App Store, not Software Update. Either way, minor updates like this are free.
    I’m still not seeing the update show up in Software Update yet, though. Maybe later today.

    Robert Poland
    10 years ago

    They are all mentioned on MacUpdate.
    Interestingly all pages offer the option of downloading an old version but not the new one.
    A trip to the App store shows all three as available (outright?) for $14.99.

      10 years ago

      Right. Just because you own the product doesn’t mean you won’t see it in the store. I own a car, but there are still cars on sale when I pass the dealership (see what I mean). You can get the update through Software Update for free (presumably, if there is an update — I still don’t see it and there is no announcement).
      It sounds like the problem might be how MacUpdate is presenting the information, nothing else. This is (would be) just a normal update.

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