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Numbers – Editing multiple tables at once

Hello everyone!
I was hoping someone had a solution on how to edit multiple tables at once, if all of the tables are created identical (ex. Jan – Dec). With excel, all you have to do is select the group of tabs that you wanted to edit, and just edit the one tab you’re currently on & that would automatically edit all of the other tabs the same way. I tried highlighting all of the tables, but when I try to edit a cell it unselects the other tables?? Thank you for any advice in advance!

— Jason

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    15 years ago

    If you have two tables you can put a formula in a cell of table 2 that uses cells from table 1. So cell A1 in table 1 can be "27" and cell A1 of table 2 can be "=Table 1 :: B19". Then when you edit A1 in the first table, it updates the second table automatically. You don't have to type "=Table 1 :: B19" either. Just click on A1 in table 2 and type = and then click on A1 in table 1 and it enters the "Table 1 :: B19" part for you.

      Jason Baratcart
      15 years ago

      Thank you Gary for the response. The issue w/ this solution in this example is that the data in table 2 will not always be the same as table 1. Table 2 will have it's own data, and in the case that I need to change the same cell (or cells) in all of the tables, this is where I run in to the problem of just changing those specific cells globally in the whole sheet. Thank you again though for the response.

        15 years ago

        I guess I don't understand your situation, then. I'm sure there is a solution that will work, though. Perhaps have a spreadsheet expert take a look over your shoulder.

    Owen Humphreys
    13 years ago

    I have 12 sheets (one for each month) each containing a table representing a monthly cashbook with different column widths. Each monthly table layout is the same as the others. Question: if I change the width of a column in a table in the first sheet, can all tables be grouped so that all tables show the same new column width? So far, I have to go through each table and adjust the column widths one at a time. I hope there is a way to change them all at once. Any suggestions? Thanks.

      13 years ago

      I dont believe there is any way to link the column widths like that.

    Owen Humphreys
    13 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I think you are right. It can be done on Excel (that is, grouping a number of sheets, so that a change in one will cause all of the sheets to show the change). I contacted the Apple "Geniuses" who solve your problems for a fee of $60, on the basis of "If you are not happy, you do not pay", and after four days and a dozen emails, they could not help. I will have to do the changes to each sheet one at a time.

    12 years ago

    I have the exact same question. If it is so great to have multiple tables on one sheet in Numbers, then why can't I edit ALL TABLES at one time? I have just spent HOURS adjusting each table individually in Numbers. This leads me to believe Numbers is not at all the Excel replacement so may Apple users claim it is. Numbers is a serious pain in the ass to use compared to Excel.

    This question is from 2009, so I'm not certain if there are any recent questions for Numbers regarding the editing of multiple "tables" in one "sheet", at the same time. But, I am new to Numbers in 2012, so I have the same question.

    The answer is you can adjust all of the columns to all of the "tables" at once. You have to select all of the "tables" and then go to that Inspector button that Apple users seem to find so great.

    Once you are in the Inspector area, go to the table tab and find the column width column. It's the third button over from the top. If you have all of the "tables" selected, and go to this field, whatever you type in for the width will be applied to all of your "tables". But, be warned. It adjusts ALL of the columns. For whatever reason, Apple continues to make life difficult by not allowing you to simply choose Column N, for all your "tables", and just edit that one column.

    I am not certain if you can choose multiple "tables" from different "sheets" and get the same thing. I have not tried this yet.

    I find Numbers to be completely frustrating and infuriating because I was duped into thinking Numbers would work like a normal spreadsheet. IT DOES NOT. Pages does not work like Word either, but that's another post for another day.

    What I would like to see? More Apple users who would stop assuming that any other user is just too dumb to use Apple products. We are not dumb and we know EXACTLY what we're talking about when we ask a question.

    Nothing pisses me off more than you "simply" do this, or it's "obviously" here or there, or it's "clearly" stated... None of these assumptions are true.

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