Using Editing Substitutions On a Mac

In the Edit menu under Substitutions you can control some automatic behavior that happens when you type on your Mac, such as two dashes being replaced by a long dash or quotes converting to curly quotes automatically.

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    2 years ago

    I use a System Preferences substitution to fill my email address in, which adds a space after the email address. This causes some web sites (not to think that it’s not an email address. You need to manually delete the space. So it’s like the Smart Copy/Paste behaviour in an app, but it happens universally. Is there a way to stop that happening? Seems odd that it works that way because you could add the space in System Preferences if you did want it there.

    2 years ago

    Jasper: Why use text replacements for this at all? Just use Safari AutoFill to put in your email address. That's what it is for. I suppose a text replacement would come in handy for poorly-designed sites that don't work with AutoFill though. In those cases, just remember to remove that last space.

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