Forum Question: One Snow Leopard DVD installer, but two MacBooks

I have a question, Gary: my wife and I have Mac, mine is a Macbook pro and hers is a Macbook. A few days ago I did a restore to my macbook and now my wife want me to do the same for her macbook, but we can not find her ” Snow Leopard DVD installer.” Can I use my instead? can two macbooks be restored with the same “dvd.” I am talking about´╗┐ the disk that comes with my macbook pro. could happen any future trouble if I do it? Thanks

— sergio

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    10/2/10 @ 5:04 pm

    You can try it, but probably not. Usually you need the exact DVD that came with your Mac. I don’t know if the MacBook and MacBook Pro DVDs will be close enough. But try it and it will tell you if it can’t be used.

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