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hi gary sorry to trouble you again & again
i need asoft ware which will note all the tasks for an event and then designate the task to the concern persons so that i can mail or give a printed list to the persons to do the job
example if i have to organize a fair i need to
1) write down the task of different dates
2) to whom the task is assigned
3)mark task as done or shift it to another date
4)notify my staff for the job assigned with dates
5) see on a perticular date jobs need to be done
i hope you can tell me about such soft ware

— nirja

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    1/12/10 @ 7:22 am

    It sounds to me like you want some organizational software. You have very specific needs, but you cannot look for software that will do exactly what you want and nothing else. Try looking at the many organizational applications out there like OmniPlan.

    1/12/10 @ 11:22 am


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