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Hey Gary,

I’m trying to organize my parents old photo’s and I was wondering if you could put folders inside a Event in iPhoto so I could separate certain photo’s and organize them by holiday’s, moths, years etc.

Thanks for your help

— Justin

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    5/10/10 @ 1:46 pm

    You do that with Albums, not Events. Or, with keyword tags. Think of Events like the original rolls of film in chronological order.
    Think of Albums as a way to organize the pictures. You can then create as many albums as you want, and then drag and drop photos in them. A photo can be in more than one Album. So you can have a Thanksgiving 2009 folder, and a November 2009 folder, and the same photo can be in each. There will actually only be one copy of the photo on your drive.
    You can also assign keywords to each photo, and then search them for things like “Thanksgiving” or “Holidays.”
    There are lots of ways to organize them.

    4/25/11 @ 5:40 pm

    Photo in Finder
    How do I set up the Finder in order to be able to see the photos like in Windows?
    I mean I open one picture and than just press the arrow for the next. Is is annoying when I look for a pic. and I have to open a window for each pictureā€¦

      4/25/11 @ 5:41 pm

      If you want to see them one at a time, use Quick Look. Select the first image, press the spacebar. You’ll see it in Quick Look. Then arrow down or right for the next image. See episode 347:

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