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Photo Editing

Is there a good equivalent to Photoshop for macs. I have a project for school and I am to edit an advertisement to make it more effective. I am to change the fonts, change background colors, etc to make it more appealing. I was wondering if there was a program for macs or a program from ilife that could do this. I didn’t know if these types of features could be done in pages, or iphoto. Or if I could download a trial of Apecture 3 to do this.

— matt

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    10 years ago

    The equivalent to Photoshop on Macs is… Photoshop.
    There is even a cheaper version called Photoshop Elements that probably does everything you need.
    If you are looking for free, then GIMP is a complex image editing tool you can download. Or, Seashore is a very simple image editor that is free.

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