Mac Typing and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the arrow and modifier keys will let you efficiently write and edit on your Mac without needing to take your hand off the keyboard to use a mouse or trackpad.

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    Melody Whitaker
    1 day ago

    Love your tips! Thank you!

    Myron Gochnauer
    1 day ago

    Single keystroke Shortcuts I miss:
    1) Delete-to-end-of-line and Delete-to-beginning-of line
    2) Delete-word-forward and Delete-word-back
    3) Return to previous pointer position or cursor position (for those times when I accidentally jump somewhere I didn't intend. (A kind of Crtl-Z for cursor or pointer movement)
    4) Insert text with a special typeface or colour wherever I put the cursor (for adding comments or questions about existing text).

    24 hours ago

    Control-K will delete to the end of the line. Shift–Command–Left Arrow selects to the beginning, and then you can use Delete to delete it. Option+Delete and FN+Option Delete do words. For comments look into the change tracking stuff.

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