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I have older Photostream albums within my iPhoto. For example, March 2012 Photostream, April 2012 Photostream etc. Does that mean that my iMac has actually downloaded them and they are no longer in the cloud. So I don’t have to take any action?

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    6/3/12 @ 6:03 pm

    They are in the cloud, and on your Mac. Being “in the cloud” simply means that they sync between your devices. So while they are on the server, sure, they are also on your Mac, and iPhone, and any other device using Photo Stream and your iCloud account.

      6/3/12 @ 6:45 pm

      They are on my Mac permanently?

        6/3/12 @ 8:42 pm

        You can delete them if you like. They would be deleted from your Photo Stream which is shared between all of your devices.

    6/3/12 @ 8:15 pm


    It depends on what you have enabled in iPhoto/Preferences/Photo Stream. If you have Enabled Photo Stream and have Automatic Import checked then any photos that appear in your Photo Stream will automatically be saved to your Mac. On this MacBook Air, I have Automatic Upload checked, too.

    An interesting thing happened when I decided one day to stream a photo album, containing photos of a trip we took 5 years ago, from my mid-2011 Mac Mini to my mid-2007 Mac Mini. The streaming wasn’t going well, so I decided to simply download them from the one to the other using iPhoto Sharing. We watched a slide show of the photos and then called it a night. Several days later, I was looking in iPhoto on my MacBook Air. All of the photos from that 5 year old trip were saved in the Air! Sharing is not turned on, on the Air. Is it possible that when I shared the album from one Mac Mini to the other Mac Mini, the album was added to the Photo Stream? I can not think of any other way for that album to have made it on to the Air. Very interesting.


    6/3/12 @ 8:22 pm

    Oh.. of course! I have Photo Stream enabled on my mid-2007 Mac Mini. I also have Automatic Import and Automatic upload enabled, so that is exactly what happened. Sharing the album did, in fact, put it in the stream. So the album then shows up on every device and Mac that is part of that account. Then, for the Macs that have Automatic Import enabled, it’s saved permanently. Well, well.. hmm.. I think I like this. Makes backing up photos on multiple Macs much easier. Just start up iPhoto from time to time. Very cool!
    Thanks so much.

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