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Preview doesn’t ever get rid of windows

I noticed with lion that the preview windows that are naturally opened (e.g. pictures from emails, etc) never actually get closed for good. If preview is running and you do the three finger swipe down to show the current open windows of the app, the windows from previous preview windows still appear. I understand that it is Lion’s resume feature, but when all these windows appear, it makes it overwhelming to try to find the couple of windows you actually want. I tried to using option, command, Q to quite the program and disregard all open windows, but that didn’t work either.

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    10 years ago

    I’m not seeing that here.
    Have you tried simply closing all of the windows, one by one, and then quitting?

    10 years ago

    Well documents that were completely deleted from finder still show up in the open windows, but these windows that were deleted cannot be opened. They just sit there

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