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Preview Questions?

I am learning how to work with Preview. I keep running obstacles . So I want to know what I may be doing wrong. A couple concerns are?
When I am able to get the text box up the font when it does appear– I have sized in EXTREMELY LARGE ( example 295 and up in pt) then the next time — It is regular size is OK ( 12 pt, example. It does not seem to have a pattern in when/how/why this is going on.
MOVE Objects
Any annotate options when I am able to place on a graphic/picture become permanent before I try to move them to different placement. So what could I be doing wrong?
Thank You

Kathy ELlis

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    10 years ago

    So what are you using the font sizing for? For annotations? Perhaps it just doesn’t retain the previous setting.
    Annotations are never “permanent” — they can always be moved. Just select and drag. But what type of document are you annotating? PDF?
    Have you seen episode 295?

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I am busy doing what you learnt me by video,and the site. The topic up above is out of my league,but i am getting there. I have had a dabble with the type,and i can see that it is a good application.
    Thanks Gary

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