Forum Question: Puzzled by Yahoo Chat alert

One of my email accounts is with Yahoo and of late frequently I get the following message: “You have been disconnected from Chat because you have signed in to Yahoo! Messenger from another computer or device.” I have no Yahoo app on my iPad and I confirmed that I am signed out of the Yahoo app on my iPhone (I’ve never messaged even once on the iPhone). A glitch or something to follow up on? Thanks.
John Russell

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    4/10/11 @ 9:28 pm

    So where are you getting the alert? On your iPad? Your iPhone? Your computer?
    Do you know which app is sending the alert? Have you checked in your preferences for notifications settings to see which apps can send you alerts?

    4/11/11 @ 4:19 am

    also want to know that

    John Russell
    4/11/11 @ 7:27 pm

    I’m getting the alert on my computer within Firefox 4 while accessing my Yahoo email. Sorry, which preferences should I be checking – – Firefox, Yahoo, System…? I’ve looked at those three and can’t find what you mean by notification settings.

      4/11/11 @ 7:35 pm

      So the alert is on your computer? Notifications would be on the iPad or iPhone. The alert box should say which application is creating it. If the notification alert is the front-most window, then which application is “running” (look in the menu bar). That will tell you what to look for.
      Perhaps you have a Yahoo toolbar in Firefox?

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